1M+ Merchants Can Now Process Litecoin Payments Via Clover POS.

Clover the cloud based open POS solution option now has indirect Litecoin support across its devices allowing over 1 million merchants to accept Litecoin payments. The catch however is that it is not an app that can be found through Clovers ‘App Market’ as this goes against their market policies. Instead it is linked to an address from an actual Litecoin wallet such as LoafWallet and prints, texts or emails a receipt and issues invoices to customers.

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Litecoin + Clover

The discovery was first made by Jon Moore of Nationwide Merchant solutions and was shown off via a twitter video:

Jon Moore’s Tutorial

We reached out to Jon for more information regarding how to implement the Litecoin and bitcoin payment buttons into clover, he told us:

Every Clover has the ability to add payment buttons in the settings. So Litecoin can be selected as one of the payment options during normal sales in Clover. The key thing here is any type of payment option we present to a business needs to work with the existing systems they use. This is important because it’s easy for the cashier, and the reports line up exactly. Shows on the reports Litecoin as one of the payment types once we enable. This eliminates push back from merchants not wanting to Accept Litecoin that normally tell us they would Accept LTC but it’s to complicated because they have to have another system in place. This also works extremely well for a business that gets orders over the phone. In this situation the business can ring the items up in Clover and email a receipt to the customer that ordered over the phone. The receipt includes a LTC QR code and the LTC address with instructions on how to pay.

According to Business insider the Clover had reportedly shipped their 750,000 unit in February of 2018 a 44% increase from last year and as of 17th of September Clover has announced the shipment of their 1,000,000th device, a further increase of 250,000 units in just 7 months showing a quicker continued growth of the company.

Due to clovers openness in development of its systems this means anyone with a clover terminal can quickly and easily enable Litecoin and crypto payments, so keep an eye out and perhaps next time you see a merchant with a Clover let them know they can easily accept, track and report cryptocurrency payments alongside traditional credit, debit and cash.

The next step for direct integration would be publishing a dedicated app for Litecoin via Clover’s App Store which would allow for an SPV wallet to be built into the terminals, however this would have to be developed as well as pass their terms and policies for listing. Maybe one day as cryptocurrencies continue to infiltrate traditional finance we will see this come to fruition.

Editors Note

At the request of Clover we have clarified and want to make it explicitly clear that Clover do not list cryptocurreny apps within their app store and that this is not endorsed or reccomended by them:

“It is against Clover App market policies to develop apps that accept cryptocurrency payments e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. Therefore no apps that integrate crypto payments with clover are accepted into the app market.

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