Bitbill adds Litecoin MultiSig support for IOS and Android.

Bitbill 3.2 sees the addition of Multi-signature wallets across the platform, making it the first Litecoin mobile wallet to support the technology. Users can now connect with each other and hold separate keys for shared accounts in order to manage funds.

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Bitbill’s MultiSig is decentralized and does not depend on the Bitbill server. The security of MultiSig assets is completely controlled by each participant.

The implementation follows the standard documentation, meaning those previously using solutions such as Litecoin Core or Electrum-LTC can now import their keys and manage their accounts on the go. Users can also benefit from the ability to distribute keys across different platforms for greater protection against hacking if they weren’t already doing so and were holding all keys themselves.

Users have the ability to set the number of participants in the account as well as the signatures required, in order to broadcast payments onto the network. Participants will be notified of initiated transactions in need of additional signatories and approved payments can be easily tracked all within the App along side personal wallets for the multiple cryptocurrencies including BTC, LTC and ETH supported by Bitbill.

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