Charlie Lee Takes the Lightning Torch.

Litecoin Creator, Charlie Lee has taken hold of the famous Lightning torch becoming the 264th person in the Trust Chain and 275th hop in what has been a continuous flow of funds to display the ever growing functionality, capability and adoption of the layer 2 network.

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It has been just over 2 months since the torch began its journey around the world, starting with the inital concept from twitter user, Hodlonaut on Jan 19th 2019. Since then each new link has been adding 10k satoshis to show just how much value can be sent off chain.

Notable holders of the torch include Zap wallet creator Jack Mallers who received the transaction whilst flying above the clouds (#76). Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and bitcoin enthusiast was #151 and would pass it onto Lightning Labs CEO, Elizabeth Stark #152. The face of the cryptocurrency Monero and 1/4 of the Magical crypto friends Ricardo Spagni #160. Changpeng Zhao the CEO of Crypto exchange Binance #186. Early bitcoin pioneer and CEO of Shapeshift Eric Voorhees #189. Creator of SatoshiPlace Lightning K0ala #202 who would pass the torch to Ben Davonport CEO of Crypto security company BitGo #203. Fidelity Digitial Assets #229. Blockstream CEO and creator of HashCash Adam Back #233 and Bitcoin Developer and one of the architects of the Segwit proposal Peter Wuille #241 to name just a few…

The chain now sits at 4200k satoshis and has been to over 50 countires according to data provided by ‘take the torch’. Lee received the torch from community member mark yesterday much the to rejoice of many. Lee even jokingly offering the torch up for an atomic swap to the Litecoin Network if anyone was willing.

Thanks for the pass @QAcrypto! I can confirm I’ve received the #LNTrustChainon the banks of the 3 Rivers! Go@penguins! Who is next?@SatoshiLite needs to join the fun… or elonmusk? Send invoices below for 4.1M sats! I will pass by the end of the day today @hodlonaut

I’m holding the lightning torch. Who wants it?! Send me an invoice for 4.11 million satoshis. Or I can also atomic swap it into 4.11 million litoshis. #LNTrustChain

As of this morning the torch has been passed along once more to Bill Barhydt CEO of Abra.

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