Decentralised Marketplace, OpenBazaar, Extends Litecoin support across its Network.

It was only back in February that OpenBazaar announced it would be implementing Litecoin across its network, with support from Litecoin Creator, Charlie Lee and the Litecoin Foundation. Not much more has been said until recently when a handful of development images were published to twitter by OpenBazaar themselves and project lead, Brain Hoffman.

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OpenBazaar is a permissionless decentralised market place that had been originally released by Amir Taaki in 2014 under the name ‘Dark Market’ as a proof of concept for a Toronto Hackathon. Soon after however, the project stopped development and was forked by Brain Hoffman later that year being renamed to OpenBazaar. Hoffman and his team have been constantly improving the platform and Litecoin it appears is part of that next step.

Cryptocurrencies were a perfect match for the platform. They themselves are a permissionless form of money, and whilst it has been possible to spend Litecoin as well as over 50 other cryptocurrencies on the platform, this didn't mean Merchants could get paid in them, only Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Zcash before now.

As more images are released, it appears Hoffman and the team are close to releasing support for Litecoin across the entire platform as well as in their new multi-wallet.

OpenBazaar is, to the best of our knowledge the first platform of its kind to directly integrate cryptocurrency wallets into a marketplace platform. This could potentially make it an ideal place for those looking to buy or sell items in exchange for Litecoin with a wallet fully controlled by the user.

There is no official release date set, however for those looking to speculate it is clear from the announcements that testing is now underway.

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