Libbitcoin Launches Litecoin Full Node Support & New Developer Library

“Libbitcoin was started by Amir Taaki as the first reimplementation of the Bitcoin protocol. Nowadays, it’s maintained by serial entrepreneur Eric Voskuil, who developed it into a full fledged Bitcoin development ecosystem with software libraries, the most advanced command line tool to do anything Bitcoin related, a standalone full node as Bitcoin Core alternative as well as a high performance blockchain query server.”

- Lucas Betschart

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Back in June of this year, Lucas Betschart, President of the Bitcoin Association of Switzerland and Executive Director of the Feathercoin Development Foundation along with Filip Gospodinov and libbitcoin maintainer Eric Voskuil announced plans to make Libbitcoin, the open source C++ Bitcoin toolkit, “coin agnostic” and support to other digital assets, most notably Litecoin and Feathercoin, so they can:

As of writing, that work has been completed and most parts of the Libbitcoin library can be configured to run as a Litecoin Full node, however it is not yet included in the official release, which the team says will be released later this year. Those looking to try it out will have to compile the master branch from the projects GitHub page. Betschart Explains further about the release:

“This means you can use the same binary to run a node for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Testnet and Litecoin. All you need to do is starting libbitcoin with a different configuration file where you define the Litecoin specific parameters such as the genesis block, at which block height SegWit activated and so on [...] Having only one code base, one binary and one development community means the Litecoin version of libbitcoin will automatically get all the updates. There is no need to maintain a Litecoin-Fork: you will get all the latest features immediately.”

Litecoin Developers now have access to a free open source high performance blockchain query server, the Libbitcoin-server as well as command line tools for creating transactions, addresses and scripts in order to communicate directly with the Litecoin network and finally, a modular first-class C++ library to build apps upon, those being libbitcoin, libbitcoin-network, libbitcoin-protocol and the libbitcoin-client. Berschart makes specific note of the query server, writing:

“The blockchain query server libbitcoin-server (or bs) is extremely valuable for the ecosystem: many wallets and other services either use slow, outdated JavaScript-based implementations or, even worse, centralised closed source APIs from service providers. Using a centralised API to build your application means trusting a 3rd party with the privacy of your users as well as having the risk that it might get shutdown any time on no or very short notice (something that happened before).”

Berschart and his team have decided to use Libbitcoin for all their apps going forward which is where they got the idea to make it coin agnostic. The team have also provided default configuration files for getting started. The end result Berschart hopes is:

To learn more about Libbitcoin, download public releases and contribute to its development visit

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Eric Voskuil speaking about Libbitcoin at Build on BTC 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal — Photo

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