Lightning Network — LND 0.5.1 Beta Released.

Olaoluwa Osuntokun, CTO Lightning Labs, the team behind the Lightning Network Daemon (LND) yesterday announced a new minor update to the client, including numerous optimisations, bug fixes and more.

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This release also prominently features updates to the Neutrino backend and its reliability, robustness and speed. These changes, according to Lightning Labs, now means Neutrino is in a state where developers can build test-net applications with it and will allow for better testing to fix any outstanding problems before safe, main-net usage.

New rate limiting rules introduced means peers requesting excessive amounts of data will now find themselves limited in order to reduce chances of Denial of Service (DOS) attack on the network. Timelock checks look to ensure that payments aren’t locked up beyond a certain time period, as before “an attacker willing to lock up his own funds could craft routes where funds got locked up for a very long time”.

LND 0.5.1 also sees support for Go 1.11 as well as 1.10 and validation checks on returned Channel Updates which had previously allowed for Nodes to respond with information for channels that they had no control over.

Finally as with all updates a handful of new and improved Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) have made their way into this release including but not limited to:

rejectpush — a command to make your node any reject incoming channels that have a push amount

forgetchannel — in order to allow users to forcefully remove channels from their databases (use with caution as removed data and funds in those channels will not be recoverable)

SendToRoute — allow (advanced) users to set a custom path across the network for a payment

build — now greatly simplifies "the process of adding build dependant changes and improve logging during unit tests"

sweep — to handle 'all kinds of sweeps within LND such as retrieving funds from closed channels"

Sweep is a part of the teams continued efforts to reduce the ‘statefulness of funds sweeping, and be smarter about batching sweeps together in bigger transactions to save on chain fees.”

Over 30 contributors have put forward code to this release. You can find links and guides on how to download and run as well as read the full change log here. Anyone interested with get involved with the project can do so by contributing pull requests and proposed code changes to the projects repository.

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