Lightning Wallet Zap adds Litecoin Support

Jack Mallers, the creator of Zap, announced yesterday a new release of the platform with 0.3.0 beta for the desktop version of Zap. The release is available on Windows, Mac and Lunix systems and can be downloaded here along with tutorials for getting started here.

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Having launched back in 2017, Zap quickly rose to prominence in part, due to its clean UI/UX something that Mallers prides himself on:

“Zap prides itself on having a responsive design. Not a responsive design in that it responds well to various screen sizes, but rather responsive design as an attitude. Zap is comfortably available in response. Available in response to what you might ask? Well, with the pace of Bitcoin and Lightning innovations reaching new highs, it’s important that Zap mirrors this speed and fluidity.”

Litecoin was hinted at being added to the platform from its inception by Mallers and now along with help from Litecoin Developer Loshan, creator of Loafwallet, support has now been added and will be maintained going forward

“Zap now supports connecting to remote Litecoin Lightning nodes. Although the Lightning Network was conceptualized with scaling Bitcoin in mind while adding some privacy enhancements, it is a protocol designed agnostic to the underlying blockchain. The Litecoin dev team is currently working on implementing neutrino (light client) support within LTCD, so that one day users can launch their wallet on the Bitcoin blockchain, log out, and then switch chains to Litecoin. This is not supported yet, but potentially soon. For now you can simply connect to a remote Litecoin LND node to use Litecoin + Zap”
- Jack Mallers

This release also features other welcome improvements, including a new homepage/launchpad, wallet configuration allowing users to set their own autopilot settings within Zap, a new payment flow that looks really good, fee estimation on payments, the ability to pay zero value invoices and support for LND connect.

To read the full notes and changes in detail see Jack’s post here and if you would like to get in touch or help contribute to Zap, Github issues can be submitted here and the slack for the project can be found here.

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