Ta Da. It has certainly been sometime coming and we’ve been keeping quiet but we are now pleased to announce and share with you the much anticipated overhaul and relaunch of Litecoin.com. We hope you like the improvements.

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As Litecoin expands it has become more logical to separate content into three main categories, Individuals , Business and Developers each with their own sub categories. Individuals can discover a list of wallets, places to buy Litecoin and crypto debits cards which can be used to spend Litecoin anywhere that accepts traditional visa payments. Businesses on the other hand can now find a list of POS solutions, payment gateways and crypto banks that make managing incomings and outgoings easy with custom reports, payroll tools and virtual company credit cards along with merchandising for their stores to display their acceptance of Litecoin as payment.

The design has taken a much cleaner, flatlay and minimalist approach, as we see Litecoin.com being more of a canvas for content, therefore structure was very important when considering future growth and listings to the site. Litecoin never has been just another cryptocurrency, it has a special place beyond just pure speculation and it’s time we positioned it as such to reflect this. litecoin is not a small market cap digital currency, it is a staple of the ecosystem and will continue to be so going forward, so we have updated the imagery to reflect the users and use cases for Individuals, investors and businesses.

We also have a dedicated news section and will endeavour to bring you the latest and relevant stories surrounding Litecoin and cryptocurrency to include insights on price, market movements, business developments, adoption, events and general happenings within the space. Have a story you want us to cover? Get in touch.

The site now supports curated sponsored content, this will provide a source of income and allow us to grow the site to further support and fund development of both Litecoin, the Litecoin Foundation being a seperate non-profit entity based in Singapore.

What’s next?

We will soon be adding foreign language support to bring i18n compatability to the site so dont fret our non english speaking friends.

Visitors will soon be able to buy and sell Litecoin directly through Litecoin.com thanks to our partnership with Simplex. This will become the the quickest and easiest way for newcomers to own Litecoin and will be available globally.

The developers page will comprehensively cover everything someone wanting to get involved would need to know all in one handy place. We also have plans to expand the existing pages especially business and we can’t wait to share them with you when they are ready.

Listing and advertising

Looking to list or feature your service or product? If your product is not already listed please check out our listing guidelines page and send a request, otherwise please see our advertising page for insights and opportunities as well as where you can reach out and send a message via email Franklyn@LitecoinFoundation.net

We hope you like the changes, our team will continue to actively develop, maintain and run Litecoin.com to provide visitors the best insight and exposure to litecoin we can. Got some feedback let us know on twitter @LitecoinDotCom

-Franklyn Richards

Money for the internet age ● Bringing you everything Litecoin

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