Litecoin & Cryptocurrency: An Interview with Litecoin Foundation Director Franklyn Richards.

Franklyn Richards, Litecoin Foundation Director and Operator of recently sat down in Switzerland with Zulu Republic, a sovereign identity based blockchain project to share his insight and thoughts regarding the future direction of Litecoin and cryptocurrency.

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The Interviews touch upon, but extend beyond just the Litecoin ecosystem and focuses on mass adoption, bringing cryptocurrency as a whole to everyone no matter their circumstances or origins of birth. Other things discussed include an insight into Richard’s view on the driving force behind Litecoin, what makes Litecoin unique as a cryptocurrency, what privacy means in the current age as well as a handful of other topics.

A transcript of the interviews along with Zulu Republic’s original post on the topic can be found below:

Zulu have also announced plans to release interviews with other notable figures within the crypto space and the second of those with Protonmail CEO, Andy Yen has just been released. This set focuses on privacy within the digital space and can be watched below.

Full Set / Play all

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