Swiss Company Zulu Republic Launches Litecoin SMS Wallet LiteIM

Zulu Republic the team behind LiteIM have officially released a working version of their SMS wallet to the public. The SMS feature is only available currently to those in the US however it is being rolled out to other jurisdictions shortly, including some in Africa where Zulu believes their product can make the most impact for people disconnected from the internet.

To get started Text | (760) LITEIM-0 or (760) 5483460

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LiteIM had originally only been available on Telegram and its release to SMS is the next big step for the platform, but it isnt stopping there. Team Zulu have also annoinced plans to expand into other popular chat messaging platforms and meet the users where they are, these include: Line, WhatsApp and Kakao at the top of their list with more planned later.

As LiteIM shares the same backend across platforms, users will be able to send Litecoin to Email addresses an phone numbers aswell as standard litecoin addresses to make transaction. All these will be recognised and allow payments to be sent is a more user friendly way, however unlike when it comes to centralised platforms such as exchanges, those who use LiteIM retain full control over their private keys and money, Zulu have zero access to funds stored in LiteIM wallets making them a trustless service.

Better yet LiteIM allows users to export their keys into another wallet and leave the platform at any point if they so choose. 2FA is of course mandatory and uses your phone number to send/receive these codes, so it works free from the internet.

Zulu have ambitions to expand the service and are already working with others to introduce a way for users to purchase, and potentially sell Litecoin over SMS

To learn more about the project and Zulu’s plans for brining Litecoin to everyone visit Lite.IM

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