Litecoin Lightning Network Daemon v0.10.1 Released.

3 min readJun 18, 2020

Loshan, a Core developer on the Litecoin Project today announced a new update to the Litecoin Lightning Network Daemon (lndltc) with v0.10.1 beta. This release is the most feature complete and stable version of lnd for Litecoin users yet. lnd is an open source implementation of the Lighting Network developed by the team at ‘Lightning Labs’ a company backed by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and lead by Elizabeth Stark.

Notable changes include an update to Multi-Path Payments (MPP) with the sending limit being lifted to allow for larger litecoin payments ‘as well as potentially more efficient payment routing’.

Support for Partially Signed Transactions (PST) has also made its way in this release allowing users to fund and open lightning channels directly from 3rd party wallets that also include support for PST. It will also introduce the ability to open multiple channels from a single transaction which can greatly improve efficiency on the network.

In prior versions of lnd, LTC had to be first moved into lnd’s wallet before payment channels could be opened. Another change comes in the form of an Anchor Commitment Format for on chain fees, Bryan Vu, Lightning Labs VP of product explains:

“With the original Lightning protocol, one of the challenges was that the fee amount to be used for force closing a channel on-chain had to be negotiated and agreed upon ahead of time. Throughout most of the lifetime of Lightning, this hasn’t been a problem because fees have been relatively low and predictable. However, in cases where a channel might be open for long periods of time in which fees could go up significantly, or when a channel is opened during times of volatile on-chain fees, incorrect fee estimation or prediction could make emergency channel closing unreliable.”

These Anchor Commitments would allow for users to increase the fee of their channel closing commitment after it has been published, meaning in times of excess on-chain demand parties can now ensure a channel closes in a timely manner.

The group have also announced lnd is taking steps to improve its architecture by introducing a database abstraction layer ‘that makes it possible to use different databases with lnd than the default bbolt’.

“In order to make lnd nodes more robust to hardware or network failures, we’re making database changes that will make it possible to have multiple copies of channel databases that can seamlessly resume transaction processing in case of an unexpected failure.” … “The first new database we’re planning to support is etc. A related change makes lnd itself more modular and more customizable by developers.”

Regarding privacy, lightning labs have made it possible to deploy lnd and Tor ‘more safely’, as well as adding support for deploying Watchtowers via a Tor Hidden Service.

lndltc is a fork of lnd and the leading implementation of the Lightning Network and the only version with Litecoin support making it the best way for users to test out the infrastructure.




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