Litecoin Lightning Network Passes 100 Nodes.

The Lightning network for Litecoin is growing with the network now surpassing 100 Active Nodes for the first time, according to data provided by 1ML.

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Having launched in 2018, the expansion of the LN for Litecoin has been relatively slow, due in part to the lack of any real urgency to adopt the technology. Litecoin’s Layer 1 blockchain remains free from congestion thanks to its 4x quicker block time, allowing it to process roughly 4x as many transactions than its big brother Bitcoin over the same time period.

The current on boarding process to the network is likewise not ideal and may also play a factor in uptake, as users are required to download and compile the Lightning Network Daemon, instructions for which can be found here.

On boarding has however certainly progressed over the last few year as more parties aim to bring a much missing UX/UI to the Network, so less technical users can test and see what it’s all about. We recommend Zap for desktop which supports both Bitcoin and Litecoin as it is unquestionably the easiest way to use the network that exists today.

As the technical capabilities of the LN are meticulously tweaked and refined, the technology looks on track to be ready for when it is finally needed and market interest picks up in the crypto space once more.

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