Litecoin Lightning Network support added to RaspiBlitz Node.

The RaspiBlitz is advertised as the fastest and cheapest way to spin up your own Bitcoin Lightning Network Node based on Lightning Labs implementation, LND, and now we can add Litecoin as well.

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Thanks to the work of ‘Christian Rotzoll’ and ‘FulmoLightning’ the team behind the Lightning Hackaday held in NYC, it is now possible for users to easily setup their own Litecoin Lightning node, provided they have their own RaspberryPi module.

A full tutorial on how to do so can be found on the official GitHub page and is very comprehensive, even including places to buy the $130 hardware needed for the project if you don’t already own it and fancy doing this as a weekend project. The RapiBlitz is based off of Stadicus’s RaspiBolt but Rotzoll elaborates by writing:

The RaspiBlitz serves as a shortcut through this setup process with some changes and an additional LCD display so that you can quickly experiment with a Lightning node and start working on your LApps on a hacking event (or at home). This shortcut is fine for testnet usage and maybe trying some small things on mainnet. But if you choose to go full reckless afterwards … please consider taking the time and work thru the original RaspiBolt project. Don’t trust us, verify.

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UI of the RaspiBlitz Node for Litecoin

Part of the reason this is able to be done on Bitcoin and Litecoin only is because of Lightning Labs continued support of Litecoin in their work regarding LND, which again is in part due to the similarity of two meaning support is very easy to maintain in the codebase. The other benefit is that the Lightning network benefits from multiple digital assets à la Atomic Swaps and decentralised trade for which Litecoin is excellent candidate considering Liquidity and support from exchanges, businesses and individuals across the entire ecosystem.

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