LoafWallet Call for Beta Testers as it prepares LTC-Fiat credit card purchases.

LoafWallet, the most popular standalone Litecoin IOS and Android wallet is now calling for Beta testers for the next release of its platform. V2.1.3 includes numerous bug fixes, updates to specific device types and most notably a way to allow its users to purchase Litecoin with a credit card all within app.

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LoafWallet currently features purchasing of Litecoin through Coinbase, however the move to swap to Simplex came when the team reported that they were no longer receiving commission from purchases made through the service due to regulatory issues working with a non US entity, in this case the Litecoin Foundation, the Singapore non profit who own LoafWallet.

This new service, Simplex, who were also in attendance at the recent Litecoin Summit in San Francisco to discuss their payments processing system, will allow Loafwallet users, once registered, to purchase between $50 to $20k in more jurisdictions, opening up Litecoin purchases to LoafWallet’s 150,000+ users, many of whom are outside of the US.

It would also appear the Loaf development team is further expanding its partnerships going forward, as they search for new methods of revenue, however what exactly those will be is yet to be fully disclosed.

We reached out to Losh the original LoafWallet developer for details on what we can expect with this new release, he responded:

  • Basic iPad support (new)
  • Fixes a bug where user memo/transaction fiat received values were working
  • Fix mistakes where the app was called BRD instead of LoafWallet, and Bitcoin instead of Litecoin.
  • Improve speed and reliability of rates ticker (which is used to get fiat prices)
  • Add simplex buy tool.
  • various improvements to development and testing process.

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