Samsung’s S10 Flagship Smartphone may Launch with Dedicated Cryptocurrency Wallet.📱

Rumors have been circulating for a couple of months now ever since Samsung filed for 3 trademarks under ‘Smartphones; Software applications for use with mobile devices; Computer software platforms; Application’. The marks were applied for within the EU and titled: Blockchain KeyStore (PDF), Blockchain key box (PDF) and Blockchain Core (PDF). Samsung however, quickly responded dismissing the claims as reported by ‘Coin Telegraph

“Unfortunately we are unable to provide any information as the below is rumour and speculation.”

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Yet the story persists as more evidence has emerged to back up the original claims made by SamMobile on Dec 11 2018. Leaked images provided by Gregory Blake & Ben Geskin appear to show an unreleased yet working S10 device along with hole punch camera and the prior mention ‘Samsung Blockchain Keystore’ and cryptocurrency wallet.

SamMobile in their original article, report that the crypto wallet will be split into two key parts, most likely for security reasons.

There will be a cold wallet for saving digital currencies, public and private keys, and signing private keys for transactions. There’s also going to be a crypto wallet for viewing account information, transfers and transaction history.

The leaked screenshots only advertise Ethereum (ETH) as an available option, however SamMobile report the device will also ship with support for Bitcoin (BTC), ERC20 tokens and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on launch. It also appears Samsung are using BIP32 or another first party solution to generate the private keys for all the networks as the description for the Blockchain Keystore suggests one master key.

‘Secure and manage your blockchain private key’

The S10 Launch event is being held February 20th, so it is certainly possible this is indeed the final working version that will be shown off to the world and if the reports are true, Samsung will become the largest of a growing list of companies integrating cryptocurrency wallets directly into smartphones, along side Sirin Labs and HTC. The move would also show large support for the technology despite such a harsh downturn in the markets.

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