The Litecoin Subreddit Surpasses 200,000 Subscribers!

The community ran Litecoin subreddit that originally launched in late 2012 has just crossed a major milestone of 200,000+ subscribers, a 10x increase from 2 years ago.

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r/Litecoin is now the 942 largest subreddit on the site and according to data provided by subredditstats sees about 15 new posts daily ranking it ~4,000 globally. General engagement however is ranked higher at ~1,300 with many more subscribers silently voting and ~700 for active participants commenting and having their say in open discussions.

The sub saw record growth along with price interest and despite having tempered out, it’s positive to see growth and activity continue to increase, potentially indicating something more than pure speculation and a longer term interest in the space and how it continues to develop.

This is one of the more reasonable and mentally healthy crypto subs, and I am very happy for its growing base of subscribers.
- u/RudeTurnip

One of the sites most active moderators u/CBDoctor is also its top poster by score and has been relentlessly posting and sharing the latest news keeping the now 200,000 subscribers updated with all the latest happenings and long with u/Patrick5555 ,u/Litecoin_Messiah, u/zipzo, u/bossmanishere, u/losh11, u/ecurrencyhodler, u/majestic84 donate their time to help keep the community page free of spam and an effective space to talk.

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