Travel with Litecoin and Stay at 560,000+ Properties in 210+ countries ✈

Travala, a self described ‘Next-Gen Travel Agency’ (NGTO) powered by blockchain and based in Malta has just added support for native Litecoin (LTC) payments to its service. Since Launching in 2017 Travala boasts “567,928 Properties in 210 Countries covering 82,311 Destinations”.

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Built on the NEO blockchain, Travala is designed to ensure a trusted, transparent and secure travel booking platform that reduces traditional costs associated with the travel industry for consumers along with other benefits including:

“A globally-competitive range of travel services; Accommodation (Hotels, Resorts, Hostels), Flights, Things to do (Tours, Activities, Experiences), Restaurants, Transfers, Car Rentals, Vacation Rentals and Cruises”

“A minimum average of 15% lower than current mainstream OTAs; enabled through agile integration of the leading wholesale travel solution partners”

“Blockchain-verified reviews for 100% feedback authenticity”

“Discounts and special offers direct from brands and suppliers”

“Token-powered incentivization economy which gives real rewards for valuable acts such as user referrals and key-opinion-leader content”

The support of Litecoin comes with the release of the Companies 40 page, 2018 business plan which outlines the development roadmap of the platform and its token $AVA. It also introduces the team behind the platform as well as its working partners and discusses in greater depths the solutions Travala provides and where it fits into the sector.

In the travel industry, where a central authority was previously required to validate bookings and guarantee payment, it is becoming possible to link buyers and sellers directly to benefit from lower fees, instant payments and trustworthy reviews.

Travala joins an expanding holiday and travel sector set up to accommodate cryptocurrency payments, including CryptoCribs (AirBnB with crypto) and TravelByBit, an Australian Agency that has mapped paths across the county where visitors can eat, sleep and adventure on excursions all with cryptocurrency.

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